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Paulywogg was my nickname as a wide-eyed, adventurous kid, growing up in Canada in the 70s and 80s. Using it again in my forties represents a return to fun without limits, reminding me to play without fear, and to bring my true authentic self to everything I do.

I'm a gamer, a movie buff, a sci-fi nerd, an animation fan, an improviser, a technical writer, and a voiceover artist. My skills at the mic brought a dozen characters - including the main character, "Bones" - to life in the new PC game (available now on Steam), MiLE HiGH TAXi.

My love of voice acting has even bled into my day job as a Senior Technical Writer for international chip and security software manufacturer, Broadcom. As of last November, I am honored to be Broadcom's primary e-learning voice for their educational portal, IMS Academy. See the videos section of this page for samples.

I'm always working to improve my skills, from the Voiceover Network's webinars and workshops to one on one coaching with the amazing Elley Ray Hennessey. I've just completed the year-long Character Acting Program with Eliza Jane Schneider's Competitive Edge Voice Training, where levelled up my VO skills with their bespoke technique for learning accents, dialects, and voice-matches. Beyond the curriculum, I also improved my script analysis, sight reading, and most importantly - acting skills behind the mic. In addition, I now have some decent video editing skills. 

Through it all, my focus is to bring my true, authentic self to every read, every line, every performance.

If any of this resonates, reach out, and let's do something awesome together.

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Cassius Adams - Mile High Taxi www.milehightaxi.net
HitRecord - www.hitrecord.org
Broadcom - www.broadcom.com